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tv   Kazakh TV News  PBS  January 7, 2014 3:30am-4:01am PST

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yours. i know. usual caught in snowy winter has come to some of the region's snow fall marked the first days of the new year for the residents of almighty region phone these days frost came went over to drop to minus fifteen in southern regions a drop to minus twenty eight two minus thirty degrees in the north according to weather forecasters the insights i quote came from continuing crul last a couple days ago habitual gradually rise from the seventh of june a report
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tomorrow and at the tenth of january will be zero to five degrees frost weather warnings may be in effect from the heat tonight continuing in jonah's called region is expected the strengthening of the south the swindle reach upwards of fifteen to twenty meters a second we are seeing into the office into the emergency service here is fully prepared. keating centers are organized in the seventeenth most dangerous regions of the country. his goal was to do emergency department team are keeping control of all passengers on dangerous roads in heating centers at the moment all roads are open in all directions on the to miss sim opening of all this to go wh it. not too noticeable enterprises are cleaning the streets of snow and the decor done. according to him in the civil services as are reading this post the four thousand cubic meters of snow. next snowfall is expecting region on the old new year's eve. three intercity buses were frozen on the road due to the frosting from our region rescuers have evacuated more than one and twenty passengers. moreover fifty people were evacuated on
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the cost of action to the highway in him in our area. another ten people in twenty children were rescued from he broke the minibus on the pasta pot with our road four buses also broke down the italian cheesecake and won the hunter area north of kazakhstan region consists of four frozen and brakes were malfunctioning in the cars the rest are evacuated sixty two people. no one was seriously hurt. meanwhile forecasters warned that the warming weather is then expected in the region anytime soon. emergency services working in them and see mode and ask drivers to help pedestrians and cars in that instance they get caught in the ditch or stock. german chancellor angela merkel has fractured the bone in a palace a cross country skiing accident. referring to the statement made by the government press secretary stephen c with good reports that merkel had the kids all official meetings and visits for the next three weeks the german chancellor will have to comply with bedrest and temporarily abandoned flights at the same time the chainsaw intends to comply fully with their obligations and mainly work from home. merkel received
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the injury in late two thousand thirteen during the christmas holidays which he spent in st moritz switzerland. immediately after the accident. that is so decided that she does herself but later marco went to the doctor diagnosed me tell this faction. over eighty cars extend citizens were able to receive treatment abroad at the expense of the state in two thousand thirteen katrina was conducted in the hospital in germany austria israel turkey sou korea russia and belarus the state also covers the costs for the round trip he's a buddy of min. su diseases cardiovascur disorders lung and heart diseases that require our transportation is cause brain tumors the treatment of which requires the use of cyber gala nights are fully covered look at all except this year the ministry of health plans to send more than seventy patients for treatment abroad the state budget low case about one billion tinggi for this purpose the ministry he shares that this assistance is a bill for anyone who need treatment abroad the procedures for obtaining quotas are published and what's a ministry of health
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the ship's own transport serious chemical weapons are tearing up emergency training exercises its the armed forces are practicing the transportation of wounded and performing first aid to victims on board the region held in stock that lead to skin meeting group of the gates in bulk carriers there are groups of chinese and russian ships as well the jury reminded that the two brigades into craters on the defnce of denmark and norway as well as chinese and russian ships are preparing to take away thousands of tons of mustard as and other hazardous chemicals from the syrian port of cuts to their removal was scheduled for the summer thirty first but the mission was postponed due to weather conditions but just go to waste a continuing conflict inside syria is expected that the ships will bring the searing chemical weapons to the italian port will be med to the american ship with a high doses human destruction of hazardous substances will take place on board at sea. according to the plan approved by the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons on toxic substances must be removed from syria before february fifth
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however the experts doubt that this can be done as scheduled. a retiree from jim a recent study hundreds of documents then discovered many histories of ministries that we are really dedicated his life to the continent who died in the great patriotic war. in particular to people from jumbo hoops on the field of battle in the brest fortress and did not enter into the official list the seventy old retiree knows almost every word and every photo in this archive also on loopholes i published a big addition to standing all the documents to collect the necessary evidence at the meeting and ninety five that took place in vladivostok. i got first place and i was awarded with the nomination by the incest is the wrong road. according to the official version only three sources from jim built up part in the breast battle but the cool it was unable to find conclusive evidence about the real number of them that is in fact eighty three he already sent them to rest easy him all the supporting documents with a call to the new names of the us will be added the special issues examined by the scientific
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council and is archived stories one of the first that is made by a german officer after winning a battle in brest fortress. all of the month of june. you can get higher the more awful lot you can see the faces of those people which are full of sorrow is because they faced defeat in the recap this so in the being in captivity away from the homeland and in jail was tantamount to death for soviet soldier. the kali are really cool x bit by bit the facts about the battles with the soldiers from his region five he was not ltd was just adding documents he toured many villages and talk with elderly people who witnessed the massacre. you don't know most of the most when i was able to find about two thousand soldiers made from jumbo who tragically died in the living god. i thought more than five hundred letters of death that has not been said you can find them all in the archives stanley's internet speed among the countries of central asia making fifty second place in the world breaking speed test in accordance with the indicators context any
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users have served the internet with the approximate speed of fourteen megabytes in the beginning of january following an extent that extent the fifty seventh place. kyrgyzstan is in the first place in pakistan as a hundred seventy first place reminding back to the east end of the fastest internet speed. among the countries of situation two thousand ten over the last few years then jumped significantly in regards to intimate moment in two thousand on our government's goal to reach sixteen megabytes which was already in korea at the moment. today we are witnessing the industry continued to develop ahead of us there so it's really all servers and speed were very slow but at this moment the servers are renewed. so the connection speed is much faster in two thousand when the speed was about five hundred and twelve two and fifty six killed likes of paul puts it. we will get this a moon. i think it is today. i use the internet because of my job and i noticed recently that the speed increase considerably. this is very beneficial for the line of work to do. i'm very glad that our country reached faster speed than respect and kyrgyzstan. i cannot say that is the fastest one among the cis couries take into
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consideration we have a big territory so that can affect the speed quite a bit. from there. journalists of the british magazine the rough guide appeal to all readers by listing of what the city has one of the top cities to visit in two thousand fourteen what is now the seven city is situated between friends divorce and the netherlands in rotterdam it is necessary to point out that it is a quite prestigious condition and for thirty years it has been ranking of the most curious tourists that places the tourism administration of the mayor's office in el monte considers the magazine's choice for all my pcp has everything will be interesting for my mentors such as rich culture and wonderful teacher for bargains and fifty eight according to data eighty percent of foreign visitors who come to kazakhstan definitely are provided with more than stellar service in our city our city is very interesting with history culture and was also the chair. moreover we have enough photos to come in the influx of visitors. it is also necessary to mention that we have the best guides but great experience and the provision of service for
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tours. as both individual and group tours. i think they're all these features greatly benefited us to enter in the top rankings. emily because of this will facilitate to attract more and more foreign tourists to our wonderful city. it's especially difficult lah meaning that the local pub by a headache. the latest news is that three w dodge cars out that stevie got kate said. and. according to its forecast of the boston consulting group by twenty sixteen the volume of internet commerce and the g twenty participating countries will have reached four point two trillion us dollars and the number of internet users will have grease revealing and people become fixed on market is not an exception. according to independent experts in twenty seventeen the sales volume of large retailers through
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the internet demonstrated the growth of between fifty and one hundred percent and by the beginning of twenty fourteen the market will have grown by twenty five percent presently the share of internet stores and a total volume of the market is seven percent way of tedium of all though. but the fact that within a week but getting out of trouble we can see the goofy seals. in addition to music moves to the website development markets. we specially see the group in this segment of inexpensive what signs which are popular among small and medium sized to bring yours. as a rule do i know dozens of large players in the market and a riot that the market first small and medium sized companies account for a few dozens but they wanted the market late to use this connection there is a great deal on for all apologies what's it looking it up with him in order to launch a
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business and beans in it you have to spend from one thousand to fifteen thousand us dollars peace prize includes the development of the platform software installation and remuneration of special east will be engaged in the promotion of your online store. in addition you can purchase ready made solutions which are slightly cheaper and cost about three to five thousand us dollars. the rest of your success depends on your strategy and not a trend experts paid their attention to his interest of major internet companies from russia ukraine and belle are use to the context on markets they did. i have a look at it given that idea. on the green country skis a toll free or tea for us. even before the astonishment of the customs union. we sold the arrival of foreign companies in kazakhstan through the mergers and purchases of regional players presently with the astonishment of the customs union. the strand has become more topical. i believe that june next year we will witness the arrival of a number of foreign especially russian online
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store is not a moment to another trend of twenty fourteen is a doll of the development of immobile technologies. according to the four cars by twenty eighteen to fully move to mumbai obey the traffic will increase by twelve to twenty times. in its own. it will result in the increasing share of online beattie on smartphones and blitz in the range between twenty five and forty percent. experts say that the development of the ltte technology will also influence the development of new projects in articulate it will provide solutions for the issues of education in remote regions and will every it's such projects it's a seedy units in and the government will also see further developments. if the committee will continue talking about penetration in terms of the number of internet users. i believe that we are reaching a certain stage of such a ration. presently the growth rate of the number of internet users is not so high compared to five to six years
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ago. nobody likes to hunt them. the quality of services will grow with signs will be providing a higher quality content and the audience will be including dividends. a year or two ago we were talking about and increasing the number of users and presently the audience is ready to bring dividends which can be transformed into the growth in sales. use these services mani times it will bring a real profit. so wind convinced that the future is often the quality of the content distribution and supplies of hardware and software brings fifty six point six percent of the profit from market participants. traditionally the second was quite large competitive and reflects the need for primary ninety infrastructure in kazakhstan in the near future the strand will see a considerable growth the pointy services. ipoh
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caro. it is a large foreign companies are interested in all markets. first of all we are witnessing the interest of russian and ukrainian companies in our markets however the foreign companies which usually operate through russian representatives. anyway we can see the increasing interest in our markets come because the world. meanwhile the preliminary results of the first half of twenty thirteen show a decline in the supply of all types of personal computers mind more than ten percent. out with her. it does not mean the beginning of stagnation in the market sees most of supplies traditionally fall on the third and fourth quarters. in addition to the non free software is growing as well. chris austin
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a motorsports representing as the president of sports club approaching the start of the car two thousand fourteen the opening ceremony of the transcontinental rally marathon dakar two thousand fourteen was held at the foot of the monument to the national flag of argentina the first page of the race rumors are to sing the wheeze was eight hundred nine kilometers across. i did not come by the end of the new demon vehicle for the best among the cars that offer understandings the racers to nineteenth
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place on a giant piece of bias and of life she must be and it's been exhausting antique not vocal in his seventy first the winner of the first page among offers became the portuguese carlos school is so cruel come ons russian truck crew i had fun today and played in the overall standings because the crew are on the beaches lexi leaky ship in the indian company performing on the type of car completed the stage in the sixteenth placed the time was three hours three minutes and fourteen seconds the second stage is a race that will run from san luis to send the pale it embodies hockey club cannot hold on for victory against moscow dynamo and away match of the cape show host open the score. max and pistons go delivered a talk to than that of austin our team. in return the players because the team took the initiative. dustin boyd me years to recover the balance a minute later john lewis brought the second goal two bodies in this episode he was assisted by michael who didn't cover the cost of team was able to maintain the lead them each a pistol enough equalised four minutes before the final buzzer as a result of a good time and enjoy our tutu as in
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overtime the host turned out to be more successful for you to make cocktails scored the decisive goal for dynamo the ice hockey tournament among school kicks off and was c'mon boys. dozens of teams of general and specialized education institutions are taking part in it. competitions are held for these categories boys and girls are dissipating in the tournament the team came close to god is preparing for the upcoming championship of kazakhstan it was overpaid for the competition now we're going to see who'll be the best out of this or not i've got it. though. he does
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in this industry to vomit east to provide residents with a private education and healthcare facilities. send out the ol' head up to the mcleod is to connect it to the states he explains it is not about the street is only five days old. these five these men to kill them as a stand up to have a significantly. when i got this changes forms that was only can for the outpatient clinic number fourteen and do one of the sky may have had since the twenty ten and outpatient they need fifteen thousand visits a phantom menace at the outpatient clinic now that twenty two resides in twenty thirteen and innocent about patients can become twenty pc to eighteen hours on my cutest accent another one back on my kids to take some tasty sixteen outpatient clinics a completely new. the stout morgan equipment and have sixty to seventy percent if that's not the lack of
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industry. are you sending this card was it was deputy chairman of the art that is taken into account people's democratic rights he says that not that either two hundred thousand residents in the district. this year we had saturday to the fifth ominously about a street and a very good speech five more in schools. twelve hundred seats. ascension is being built. that is a necessity to solve social problems the most important of which the population's health and children's education to the surface of what you did make health and education and the main indicates is that the development of state is home and ate some good reasons in particular. it is the reason why funds of the state budget on a pt to building the padding and equipping education and healthcare facilities. cause i cant even john economist explains. outside. the shade to see amish. we will continue getting tired tuesday these directions in the next budget. zen said that festival on the school is to be built where the three sessions and a medici conditions and you can
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see the teacher instructed in areas where people are not provide incentives to seek rooted in anti healthcare one in which the subjects is going to the mommy guilt the upcoming anime yet watching a team. ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay i can. the air
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the road the blue. chess. i
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believe it would have been sick with the two things first. it will increase its role in human rights issues especially that quake going now with the eu and console and human rights. second thing it wouldn't have to wait several more in the region for more democracy and feed them and want a speech on the question of energy ocean there. utility of the time of reform. it is actually very very critical one of the problems very often when reform movement gets a head of steam and molds. it is then implementing a revolution or an uprising is just an event what happens as to which makes all the difference. and if there's not a sentence civil rights civil government institutions to work with very often the good news now people get the solution then you have a counter revolution so perfected and ceos are multiplying in this region
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and some of them getting extremely upbeat and strong including the center that we are today. it's all good because the road ahead of modernizing economically and politically. twenty long years to enhance and setbacks corn and some unexpected turns of the road. so the stronger the fabric and in the political leadership in this region. more likelihood is that there will be a promising outcome to be invited to the center is being extremely important to me and to see the time and pioneering. say something caught in the state to try to either axes to the people not to give these television network. and to try to read this post where we had in the internet will we have inside the space to television. i sink is going to be a challenging of ansett and the challenging accomplishment and that perhaps he will be step sons
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by giving access to people to present their views about what i am not going to rush back to drop them a safeguard in ahmedabad misfortune that a chef to mention the ball go broke. upon bringing them over the temporal blue from the program offers to people for years but reported. when you open the dumped awesome print on the beach the name of the us. he's the ideal concept more settled and yet hopeful when the snow religious discourse yen on me the challenge of no school climbing gym and put them on an easel. and i think this is exactly what that was it right now he said such a sense that an incentive to mention that because right now and will lie in bed change is taking place and that we don't have institutions that many around the exchange of money to change and media precise the mega center and to add this to allah to manage this
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change. no youtube of them the most or all the keepers of the kind of mom prescient of you that you've lost a huge amount by religion just put the gumption to what's in store them for me in them the commission made the awful born to all of that is what a blessing in the paths of the disco obama feels kinda difficult for one moment in the digital switch to the orchards and myself and i am patient and i gotta say institute we have been involved in that promoting these gals are the two years now that we don't have any yet we don't need to think people individually in groups of people with students and blotted we do not have such an impact in the media became involved in that and that the impact will team up with the montreal to wear it to disintegrate initiative michael wright true to myself and the two of them and are used to prompt a fortune to be here participating in this dialogue of civilizations die alone. for democracy and freedom. i think is keen to
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keep the show worldwide because we see the democracy in the nourishing me more good news to be taken care of all their wines. we get reversed. when the wet conditions with this new thing i hope and pray. year by year of giving the world the gift of democracy and freedom i'm a new zealand i'm also a vice president of the entrance and we shared a common experience of having to leave its league isn't democracy. yet we owe more on the role of trusted leaders we understand finds that we also understand the course of freedom that we seeing around the world today. and the new media platform and that the shake is starting to unlawfully people can have a voice is of great interest to the madrid. what we want to do is helping the police into a new dialogue. we knew solutions on sheets i tasted
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the side effects can be the outcome. the column and read it wants a sheet societies and she blooms that cites a defence based on democratic principles. and we understand that the new media is going to be a very important concepts so do we i'm very interested in the shake and suspicion. we understand the importance of the middle east and the new conversations and yet i'm sitting here. and so the problem and it tries to bring the moment. and our experience of individually and in some of whom the resolution reads some of whom imports. indigenous peoples rule all women through the society's new ones. and by allowing the tunnel to it and we think that we can be agents for change even though we no longer in office. i think it's been a very important see the conversations we've heard the voice of africa the voice of the middle east we've heard some of them the old voice soft america and europe. and we have diplomas of discussion around the new the new voices of age
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these people are nice the society is sent this normal people who are unable to call telephones the arctic seas to be intimate and they want the police to keep it. i think that lead is he an hour of understanding that maybe tomorrow there'll also be followers. and this is the new paradigm shift so that shank convening this conversation in the middle east in this month's when signing the important things happening. it's one of those tipping points in history and the government is pleased to be part of it. these conversations here and when optional but the games pointers. at the stake through his leadership of opening up new media to many new people who have not had access to it. up until now we think it will help define the future shape of this region. the band if you do this. he said. hosts. it is
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he said. leave. it's so. we suggest you. that means i don't want to do. we in the job of truth and the bull market. we can see we told him to. because we are out you've experienced. all costs. it's brand new stones new song no data for two years. gutierrez. when you live tv experience political motives. corner to corner when his team. i'll change they ask you to send. that's the guy the center for more
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juninho he sure and so on you betcha what tradition you will. i mean. i do the whole. we would do


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